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Individual Investors

Arcwood Financial LLC offers a variety of financial services offered through our growing network of independent advisors, Arcwood Advisors. Please scroll through the expandable links below to find more information on our services or email to set up a time for a complimentary initial in-person consultation.


    provides a holistic approach to planning for retirement, estate planning, taxes, investments, budgeting and risk management (insurance needs). The financial planning process is composed of 6 steps that go from gathering information from multiple sources, evaluating risks to your financial plan, making recommendations to fill any gaps in your plan and finally meeting annually to make sure you are still on path to complete your objectives whatever they may be. Using all in compassing technology you will be given a results package that will show your likelihood of success given your current strategy and then one we recommend under variety or different forecasted and historic variables. The advice given to you - the client - will have your goals and needs addressed first, before any products, investments or allocation strategies are ever discussed.

    While our professionals can and do sell financial and insurance products, during the financial planning process, should you engage us in this matter, they will first and foremost commit to the planning process and partnering with you to help you to communicate your needs and then to create a path to help you achieve those goals.


    uses your resources to help preserve and build wealth and/or to generate additional investment income. At Arcwood Financial LLC. our advisors offer actively managed investment advisory services for our individual wealth management clients. Those clients, along with access to a myriad of investment products including individual stocks, bonds, mutual funds, Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs), limited partnerships, Real Estate Investment Trusts (REITS), fixed & variable annuities, also have access to have our advisors create an actively managed portfolio for them. These portfolios are usually made up of both stock and bond mutual funds and ETFS and are diversified across a multitude of market sectors. The basis of the strategies that could be implemented in your investment advisory wealth management account should you become an individual client with ARCWOOD FINANCIAL LLC. take into account:

    Investment Ranking Methodologies: Which assists us in ranking our ETFS, Mutual funds and Subaccounts by measuring performance characteristics of the candidates and aggregating the measurements.

    Market Indicators: We use an overall market Indicator constructed to show us the overall direction of the market and if it is considered bullish or bearish. Based upon these “Bull-Bear indicators a portfolio will have different allocations. Typically less equities after a Bear Market threshold is signaled and more after a Bull market threshold is signaled. The range of these initial and defensive equity to debt/bond mixes will be determined by an investors risk tolerance.

    Quarterly Trend Indicators: Designed to act only at quarterly intervals, it is a quarter-by-quarter look at the probable risk environment of each quarter, using the trend status of US and International equities.

    Note: These strategies are all provided by an independent third party and are constructed on a mathematical basis only. Our partners do not take part in trying to predict where there markets are headed but instead use these trending indicators below to attempt to allocate within the sectors indicating potential for outperformance and to avoid some of the negative impact on portfolios that can come from a major market correction. Not all Investment Strategies maybe used at the same time. Investment strategies and past performance does not guarantee future results.


    • Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs)
    • Advisor Managed models comprised of ETFs and Mutual Funds
    • Mutual funds
    • Non-Traded REITs (Real Estate Investment Trusts)
    • Oil and gas programs
    • Financing and note programs
    • SIMPLE IRA plans for employers with 50 or fewer employees
    • Simplified Employee Pension Plans
    • 529 qualified tuition plans
    • Qualified Retirement Plan Rollover accounts (IRA Rollovers)
    • Fixed, Variable and Indexed annuities
    • ROTH IRA accounts
    • Life insurance
    • Long-term care


    identifies those situations that could put your financial stability into jeopardy and ultimately interfere with the opportunity to achieve one’s lifetime goals.

    We can help you find the best solution for most of your life and health insurance needs by first helping you determine the right types of insurance and amounts of coverage you need. We then shop highly rated carriers for you to help obtain the most beneficial policy at the best premium. We have contracts with many excellent life, health, disability income, and long-term care carriers. We specialize in:

    • Level and renewable term Insurance
    • Universal Life Insurance
    • Variable universal life insurance
    • Whole life
    • Indexed Universal Life
    • Cash value accumulation
    • Section 79 plans
    • Buy-Sell/key man/cross purchase plans funded with insurance
    • Long term care policies
    • Individual and group Disability policies
    • Individual health insurances, HSAs and Medicare policies


    assures that assets and valuables pass to family, community and other heirs in an efficient manner, in effect creating your own legacy. If estate taxes are an issue we can work with you to help create more tax efficient means of wealth transfer. We are happy to work with both your Estate Planner and CPA to facilitate your estate planning strategies and make sure all of your assets are appropriately titled and structured to meet your wealth transfer goals. Various strategies can include Irrevocable life insurance trusts (ILITS), remainder trusts, stretch IRA techniques, wealth transfers and various charitable investment strategies that could not only help achieve your philanthropic goals but also benefit your estate and beneficiaries.


    We work in conjunction with your tax advisor to allow you to take advantage of various areas of the tax code and laws that may add to your wealth preservation, growth, estate or income strategies. These along with other tax efficient investment vehicles can help add to an investor or portfolios internal rates of return.


    We work with clients during the accumulation and distribution years to create a financial plan that will help them achieve their ultimate retirement goals. Leading up to and during retirement we continue to evaluate their investments to make sure they are stable, suitable and allocated correctly to create income throughout retirement.

    Retirement income planning involves reviewing all potential sources of income including pension plans, 401(k) plans, part-time employment income, investments income, social security, and other retirement plans.

    Our income planning process comes from experience in developing plans that take into account market risk, longevity risk, withdrawal risk, and inflation risk. These plans are reviewed on an annual basis with our clients to be certain that the sources of income and amounts of income drawn will continue to support the investor’s long-term goals and quality of life.

    We believe that investors nearing or in retirement need a variety of investments that provide the following benefits:

    • Stable income
    • Income that will not be outlived
    • The potential for that income to grow to keep-up-with or beat inflation
    • Adequate protection from possible market corrections during or right before retirement